Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the Beginning...

This is me.

I love the mountains. I love working hard to get to the top - and soaking up the vista, wondering at these ancient landforms that have seen countless generations pass.

Over the years I have become vulnerable to negativity, scandal, sensationalism, status quo and ego - just like many other people. But this year, I am fuelling myself differently -

I am feeding my mind,
                                     feeding my body,
                                                                 feeding my soul -

all that is positive - as much as I can....AND

                                                                 trying to share the love, share the energy.

For my mind that means turning off the news - scandalalous you say! I may not know what is going on and which celebrity is the latest to be a passing star, I may not be tuning in to the latest airline crash and all the speculation that goes with it....but I think I will be okay. Instead I will tune into inspirational tv and radio, enjoy some music to dance to, be motivated by others stories. I can catch up on the news by asking my husband if there is anything important I should know about (yes, there are many many things going on which are important but at the end of the day we need to prioritize what we can change).

For my body that means feeding it with nutrient dense foods. Let it be known that this is not a 100% strict "diet", it is doing everything I can at least every other day to be healthy - but allowing myself to ENJOY the occasional indulgence (after all, "occasional" equals highly enjoyable). I have read many many books on nutrition and tried to work out what is best for my body. For the main part I have settled on a mostly paleo approach because this works for me - for now. Life is ever-changing so who's to say I won't be vegan in ten years??? Never say never. Oh, and obviously moving my body is big on the agenda - I have a goal to set the world record for the 99 year old freestyle in the pool so I have to keep my mobility and fitness up in preparation :)

For my soul, I pursue growth. Learning about what life means to me. Much of this comes from reading...but then again a lot comes from living in the moment and noticing that which i would have overlooked before.

I also want to see what happens when I set intentions to be open to people and their worlds, value everyone's uniqueness...and try to share some positive energy with them.

So that's it....let's see where this goes!

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