Saturday, September 27, 2014

Living with awareness...

Of what is going on around me.

Instances of time and shifts in mood and momentum.

Feeling just a little bit anxious at this transition of starting to push out of my comfort zone to grow beyond my fears.

What are your fears? Mine is public speaking...and yet, I have a desire to help people make more conscious decisions about food, thoughts and life balance. So - I have to get out of my comfort zone if I want to reach lots of people right?

So, with this little fear I am trying a few different mental tricks which have worked in the past (more for helping me get to sleep when I am anxious.).

The first is mentally (or I could do this physically too!) writing down on a large letter size piece of paper all my fears which are preventing me from moving forward, taking my time to be thorough and get it all on there. I then scrunch that paper up into a tight wad, using all my strength (physically or with imagination) I launch that ball as far into the distance as I can, beyond the boundaries of the universe where it can no longer bother me (or you could just throw it into a nearby fire with the same result :)

Or I can address the fears head on - to that end I have signed up (and paid for, eek!) - for a course which will tackle my public speaking issues over a weekend and teach me tips and tricks to own my speaking space and project myself with confidence and has been highly recommended by a friend. I'm also often re-writing my mental script - day and night I am picturing myself as a strong, creative, interesting public speaker who turns challenges into opportunities...this course is a necessary investment to my future because I have big possibilities brewing and I want to stamp out my fears along the way....

So that is my initial approach, I will let you know how it goes in a few weeks!!

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